‘Berkhamsted has a 20mph limit – now we want one,’ say Northchurch politicians


The speed limit needs to be lowered in a village which has a bypass but is still plagued by speeding motorists, say the leaders of a parish council.

There is already a 20mph zone on the A4251 as it passes through Berkhamsted - they say the go slow restriction should also be introduced as the main road passes through Northchurch.

Northchurch Parish Council chairman Alan Fantham said: “Speeding in our High Street is a serious problem, particularly during the period of time when children are going to school.”

The authority says the a 20mph speed limit should be imposed on the road between its junction with The Meads and the Barnett House block of flats.

The zone should also stretch down New Road past St Mary’s School to the bridge over the Grand Union Canal, its leaders say.

Headteacher Eloise Haezewindt said: “We would greatly support that. Quite often cars do go by quite fast. Nursery leaving time is particularly bad.”

St Mary’s will go from being a first to a primary school in September. Mrs Haezewindt said: “As the school gets bigger and more children are walking in independently, the likelihood of them being hit by a car will rise.”

Narrow pavements do not make it any easier for pedestrians in the area, Mr Fantham added.

He said: “It’s so bad that when Herts County Council introduced their idea of a ‘pedestrian train’, it was dropped because nobody wanted to take responsibility for it.

“The parents said: ‘No, we are not doing it on that road. The pavements are narrow and it’s too dangerous.’”

He said there are also plans for a new traffic island further along the A4251, where its name changes from Northchurch High Street to Tring Road.

The junction would be installed at its junction with Boswick Lane, where Mr Fantham lives.

He said: “Traffic coming from the Cow Roast direction pays little or no attention to the speed limit. Anyone leaving a bus and attempting to cross the road is in serious danger.

“This is more so with older people, like the parish council chairman, and anyone with a physical handicap.”