Berkhamsted community centre put on Register of Assets of Community Value

The Berkhamsted Citizens Association says it may have saved a community centre from demolition by using new legislation to protect it.

Gable Hall, based in the town’s Prince Edward Street, has been used for all sorts of community meetings and social activities like children’s parties.

It is currently used by a theatre group – but the association says it has come under threat of demolition in recent years due to its dilapidated condition.

The centre has now been put on the Register of Assets of Community Value, which will go some way towards stopping any planned demolition from happening.

It will mean that Berkhamsted Citizens Association, which lobbied for Gable Hall to go on the register, has to be told if it comes under threat again.

Its members will also have to be given a chance to organise a bid to buy the building by current owner Dacorum Borough Council if that happens.

The property is only the third in Dacorum to be put on the Register of Assets of Community Value.

Association chairman Katy Brookes-Duncan said: “We hope our success inspires other groups to try to do the same for buildings in their area.”