Berkhamsted collision victim, 80, says: ‘We have to sort out this road or someone will be killed’

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An 80-year-old woman says bit of road where her car was written off is ‘dangerous’ and needs to be made safer.

Anna Sims says she is still suffering from the shock of her car colliding with a white van while she was driving up the hill in Gravel Path, Berkhamsted.

She says there have now been 22 accidents there in the last five years.

A 20mph limit will be imposed on the street as part of the new Tring, Northchurch and Berkhamsted Urban Transport Plan after a long campaign by the people who live there.

Miss Sims, a retired lorry driver who lives in Briary Way, Berkhamsted, says because of her accident she now has no car for the first time since she was 16.

She added: “We have got to sort that road out or somebody is going to be killed.”