Berkhamsted beaver place shortage sparks call for leaders

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PARENTS are putting their children onto a waiting list to join the beavers as soon as they are born as demand for places spirals out of control.

The 1st Berkhamsted Scout Group wants to launch a second beaver colony to cope with the growing demand.

There are 24 boys in its current group, but that’s on top of 20 who are on its waiting list.

Group scout leader Geoff Halls said: “There are huge numbers of kids waiting to join the scouting community nowadays.

“There have been many more houses built in Berkhamsted and that has brought more families into the town.

“People put their kids down as soon as they are born pretty much. It does not do them any good, but it is what they do.”

His group now needs a new leader to come forward to help launch a second beaver colony in Berkhamsted.

Its meetings would be from 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays during term time at the Chapel Street scout hut.

The role would require up to two hours of work on the night, and about the same amount on administration during the week.

Current Berkhamsted beaver leader Jenny Jenkins, 40, of Kings Road, said: “It is not as daunting as some people think it might be.

“You are never left on your own carrying the can and there are always other adult volunteers around to help you.

“It is a rewarding and fun thing to do and looks good on your CV. If you can coordinate 24 children running around like lunatics, you can do pretty much anything.”

Jenny has been a beaver leader for about two years after her two sons became interested in scouting.

To learn more about the role or see one of the beaver meetings in action, phone Mr Halls on 01442 878176 or email him at