Bell-ringing is the real heavy metal

Marsworth bells
Marsworth bells

Fancy learning to play ‘real’ heavy metal?

All Saints’ Church in Marsworth is a tower that specialises in teaching new bell ringers, with trained teachers accredited by the Association of Ringing teachers – and next Friday, August 1, people are being invited to try their hand at the unique craft.

The ‘heavy metal ‘ in this case are the bells themselves, with the heaviest of the six weighing around 86 stone. Unsurprisingly, they are some of the largest and loudest unamplified musical instruments in the world.

According to tower captain Richard Booth, the emphasis is on balance and timing rather than brute strength, so big muscles aren’t required – just the ability to climb up a fixed wooden ladder to the first floor ringing gallery.

The open evening starts at 7.30pm and is free to anyone over the age of nine interested in learning more about ringing or trying their hand at handling a Church bell.

Call Richard Booth on 07850038197 for further details.