Balloons of respect form next tribute to drummer

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A woman whose family members have served in the armed forces has seen her idea for a unique tribute to Lee Rigby spread across the country.

Legal clerk Becky Mooring, 37, set up a Facebook group to organise a balloon release in memory of the murdered army drummer. Word of the event, set to take place at the Boxmoor War Memorial this Sunday at 11am, has spread and now more than 1,000 people from different towns and cities have pledged to do the same.

Becky, who lives near Hemel Hempstead’s Old Town, said: “People all over the country are really pulling together to make this happen, I can’t quite believe it. Everyone that has seen it has sent it to somebody else.

“I think the murder shocked everybody so much, and this is a nice, peaceful way to pay tribute to Lee Rigby and other fallen soldiers. A lot of my family members have been in the Armed Forces so it is very personal to me as well.”

For more details, search ‘Balloons Of Respect’ on Facebook.