Bald Berkhamsted author to dance for four hours to raise cash for Alopecia UK

An author who has alopecia will aim to perform four hours of expressive dance to raise money for a charity that helps people who suffer from the condition.

Sue Hampton, 57, of Lincoln Court, Berkhamsted, got the idea after writing The Waterhouse Girl – a book about young Daisy Waterhouse, who loses her hair after being diagnosed with alopecia.

Sue Hampton.

Sue Hampton.

Sue herself has the condition and has been bald for the last 33 years, but hopes that like Daisy she can find an outlet for her troubles by dancing.

She said: “I am not really a dancer. I had no training or anything like that and I am not a performer.

“The whole point about all this is it’s about participation and other people are going to come along and join me.”

Her fundraising dance-a-thon for Alopecia UK will be at Dar Papillon tea rooms in Berkhamsted High Street, towards Gossoms End, from 1pm to 5pm on Thursday, February 27.

Sue said: “Expressive dance is where you go with the flow or theme of the music, rather than learning steps. It’s more of an emotional response.

“I hope to connect with the other people dancing and that will affect the way the dance goes. It is very much not a performance, but a celebration of the joy of dance.”