Bad news for Hemel traders and there’s 13 new homes on the way to Berkhamsted

Planning applications
Planning applications

The latest planning applications before Dacorum Borough Council.

4/03132/14/Fha, Conservatory Bovingdon Grange, Bovingdon Green, Bovingdon

4/03165/14/Fha, Replacement Conservatory 15 Dinmore, Bovingdon

4/03244/14/Ful, Change Of Use Of Open Space On The Square From Market Trade To A Contractors Compound For Works Underway On The Marlowes Shopping Zone And Bank Court Improvements The Square, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead

4/03254/14/Ful, Demolition Of Existing Portacabins And Construction Of Single Storey Extension To The Existing Clasroom Block Haresfoot School, Chesham Road, Berkhamsted

4/03271/14/Mfa, Demolition Of Former Garage Buildings And Redevelopment To Provide Thirteen New Dwellings Through A Combination Of Conversion And New Build Land At High Street And Swing Gate Lane, Berkhamsted

4/03274/14/Ful, Change Of Use To Shelter For Rehabilitation 22-24 Clarence Road, Berkhamsted

4/03277/14/Ldp, Construction Of New Drive-Way. The Old Brickfield, Chesham Road, Wigginton, Tring

4/03298/14/Fha, Single And Two Storey Rear Extension 7 Two Waters Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 9Bz

4/03307/14/Ful, Change Of Use To Shelter. The Gable, Prince Edward Street, Berkhamsted

4/03317/14/Fha, Single Storey Front Porch Extension With Parapet Roof 54 Station Road, Tring, Hp235nw

4/03318/14/Fha, Demolition Of Existing Single Storey Extension And Erection Of New Two Storey Extension And Single Storey Garden Room 71 George Street, Berkhamsted

4/03319/14/Ldp, Single-Storey Rear Extension 7 Abbots View, Kings Langley

4/03320/14/Tca, Works To Trees Land In Front Of Museum Court, Akeman Street, Tring

4/03321/14/Mfa, Restoration Works To Revitalise Jellicoe’s Water Gardens To Include New Play Space; New Building To Provide Facilities For Gardener, Friends And Volunteers And Maintenance And Training; Fish Passes And Green Screen To Mitigate Visual Impact Of The Two Storey Car Park On The Gardens. Water Gardens, Waterhouse Street, Hemel Hempstead

4/03324/14/Nma, Non-Material Amendment To Planning Permission 4/02239/12/Ful (New Two Bed Dwelling (Two Storey) To Land Adjacent To No 107 Including Demolition Of Existing Annexe. (Amended Scheme) 107 Beechfield Road, Hemel Hempstead

4/03330/14/Ful, Demolition Of Existing Dwelling And Outbuildings And Construction Of A Replacement Dwelling With Associated Access, Parking And Landscaping Millfield Bungalow, Friendless Lane, Flamstead

4/03333/14/Ldp, Conversion Of Garage To Habitable Space. External Alterations To Door/Windows To Match Existing. 16 Meadway, Berkhamsted

4/03337/14/Mfa, Proposed Refurbishment And Extension Of Existing Mercedes-Benz Retail Group Dealership. Apsley Motor Cars, 33 London Road, Apsley, Hemel Hempstead

4/03338/14/Nma, Non Material Amendment To Planning Permission 4/00470/14/Ful - Demolition Of Existing Barns And Stables And Construction Of New Dwelling On Land Rear Of Bracken Hurst Brackenhurst, Northchurch Common, Berkhamsted

4/03345/14/Tpo, Work To (T1 ) Sycamore Tree 35 Betjeman Way, Hemel Hempstead

4/03346/14/Fha, Single Storey Rear Extension With Flat Roof 2 Brimstone Walk, Berkhamsted

4/03348/14/Fha, Demolition Of Existing Garage And Construction Of Triple Garage Lane End House, Shootersway Lane, Berkhamsted

4/03349/14/Ful, Single Storey Front/Side Extension Cherry Tree Day Nursery, 15 Horselers, Hemel Hempstead

4/03356/14/Fha, Demolition Of Garage And Construction Of Single Storey Side And Front Extensions 3 Lochnell Road, Berkhamsted

4/03361/14/Drc, Details Required By Condition 3 (Construction Traffic Management Plan) Attached To Planning Permission 4/02099/14/Mfa - Ground Mounted Solar Pv Park Comprising Of Two Substations, Electrical Cabins, Storage Cabinet, Solar Arrays, Perimeter Fencing/Gates, Cctv And Access Tracks Folly Farm, Potash Lane, Long Marston, Tring

4/03362/14/Fha, Installation Of Fence Between Dove Cottage And Longcroft. Dove Cottage, 2 Hastoe Farm Barns, Browns Lane, Hastoe, Tring

4/03366/14/Hpa, Single Storey Rear Extension Measuring 3.860/6.790 M Deep With A Maximum Height Of 3.069 M And A Maximum Eaves Height Of 2.374 M 34 Horsecroft Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Py

4/03367/14/Drc, Details Of Materials, Hard And Soft Landscaping And Sustainability Measures As Required By Conditions 2, 3 And 8 Of Planning Permission 4/00229/14/Ful (New Two-Bed Dwelling In The Rear Garden Of 45 Covert Road With Parking And Amenity Space (Amended Scheme) 45 Covert Road, Northchurch, Hp4 3Rs

4/03368/14/Ful, Demolition Of Existing House And Construction Of Two 4-Bed Dwellings 25 Manorville Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 0Ap

4/03369/14/Ful, Demolition Of Existing House And Construction Of Four Bed Dwelling, Access And Parking (Amended Scheme) Woodland View, Rossway, Berkhamsted

4/03371/14/Fha, Single Storey Side And Rear Extension 2 Park Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Jt

4/03380/14/Roc, Variation Of Condition 2 (Hours Of Opening) Of Planning Permission 4/02116/13/Ful - For Creation Of A Retail Sales Area And Running Of Brewery Tours Ancillary To Brewery Use 2 River Park, Billet Lane, Berkhamsted, Hp4 1Hl

4/03391/14/Fha, Proposed 2-Storey Side Extension, Single Storey Rear Extension, Alterations To Porch, Partial Garage Conversion, Alterations To Openings On First Floor At Rear, Replacement Of All Windows And Doors, Alterations To External Materials And Internal Alterations. Skerries, Darrs Lane, Northchurch, Berkhamsted

4/03396/14/Tpo, Works To Trees 1 The Oaks, Cross Oak Road, Berkhamsted

4/03398/14/Fha, Conversion Of Garage To Habitable Room And Cladding To Front, Part Side Elevations. 15 York Close, Kings Langley

4/03404/14/Fha, Construction Of Dormer. Change Roof From Hipped To Gable. 471 London Road, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Hp3 9Be

4/03406/14/Hpa, Single Storey Rear Extension Measuring 6 M Deep With A Maximum Height Of 3.321M And A Maximum Eaves Height Of 2.150 M 84 Cotterells, Hemel Hempstead, Hp1 1Jg

4/03411/14/Tca, Remove Ash Tree Little Brownlow Farm, Nettleden Road, Little Gaddesden

4/03412/14/Hpa, Single Storey Rear Extension Measuring 4.5M Deep With A Maximum Height Of 3.65M And A Maximum Eaves Height Of 2.4M 72 Swing Gate Lane, Berkhamsted

4/03417/14/Ldp, Demolition Of Conservatory And Front Porch, And Construction Of Two-Storey Front And Single-Storey Rear Extensions. Construction Of Single-Storey Front Extension Following Construction Of Two-Storey Front Extension. Heathside, Little Heath Lane, Potten End

4/03418/14/Tpo, Works To Trees 14 Greenes Court, Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted

4/03419/14/Fha, Proposed Single Storey Rear Extension 69 Kitsbury Road, Berkhamsted, Hp4 3Eg

4/03439/14/Hpa, Single Storey Rear Extension Measuring 5 M Deep With A Maximum Height Of 3.6 M And A Maximum Eaves Height Of 2.5 M 116 Thumpers, Hemel Hempstead

4/03440/14/Hpa, Single Storey Rear Extension Measuring 4 M Deep With A Maximum Height Of 3.6 M And A Maximum Eaves Height Of 2.5 M 116 Thumpers, Hemel Hempstead