B-hive says: ‘Join the Berkhamsted movement and help shape your town’s future’


So far 592 people have signed up to B-hive – the new community group that aims to help people shape the future of their area.

There are plans to convert Berkhamsted Civic Centre and the former police station next door, which has been empty for more than two years, into a public services quarter.

It is unclear how this will develop and discussions have been going on for months, but police spokesman Dan Phillips said no firm decisions have yet been made.

Addressing Berkhamsted’s citizens, project manager for B-hive John Bell said: “Together, we have the power to lead the potential redevelopment of the centre of our town. We mustn’t waste this opportunity.”

B-hive is hosting a town consultation at the civic centre from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, where people are invited to submit their ideas for the building’s potential redevelopment.

Mr Bell said: “Berkhamsted needs every single one of us.”

A short film by Andy Spain called, ‘Berkhamsted, Our Movement’ will be shown at about 10.30am during Saturday’s event, where refreshments from the town’s Dar Papillon will be provided.

There will also be free face painting, lunchtime music performances by MC Shane and the town’s Swan Youth Centre musicians Amelia Cochrane, Comrade Cycle and HusHodja.

Art will be brought in for display from nearby The Upstairs Gallery and there will be spoken poetry by Authors In Love, Leslie Tate and Susan Hampton. Band Colour Clash will perform to close the event.

Find out more at www.bhiveberko.org.uk