Award-winning film star dog due to appear at Berkhamsted cinema

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An award-winning film star dog will appear at The Rex tonight, Thursday.

Smurf will be on stage with the person who trained him to be the character Poppy in serial killer black comedy Sightseers ahead of its 7.30pm screening at the Berkhamsted cinema.

The terrier, who in the film lives with a character called Tina and her mum, is killed off quite early in the film – and Tina finds herself accused of the crime.

Smurf was awarded the Palm Dog award at this year’s Cannes Film Festival – the award for the best performance by a canine actor is a reference to the festival’s coveted Palme D’or award for best feature film.

The Rex box office manager Jack Whiting said: “I’m looking forward to seeing Smurf – but I’m looking forward to seeing the film more.”