Ashlyns School students celebrate GCSE results

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Busrin Binyakob was especially happy with her results, given that she only moved to the UK three years ago.

The Ashlyns School student, who previously lived in Thailand and Malaysia, got an A, four Cs and three Ds.

Ashlyns School students celebrate amazing GCSE results.

Ashlyns School students celebrate amazing GCSE results.

Busrin, whose nickname is Bolly, said: “I have always wanted to go to university here, because I want to be a journalist when I’m older and in Thailand.

“There are not a lot of journalists that can speak English.”

There were also a string of A* and A grade students from the Chesham Road School in Berkhamsted, including Hayley Digby (pictured with Bolly).

Hayley, got six A grades and five A* grades. She said: “I feel ecstatic. All my hard work has paid off.” The 16-year-old is going to study maths, chemistry and biology for A-level, but has yet to decide what her fourth A-level will be.

Headteacher James Shapland said: “We are very pleased. The kids seem to be delighted.

“There are lots of smiling, happy faces and it makes the whole year worthwhile to see that. It is a great lesson in life for them to see what their hard work can achieve.”