Angelina Jolie spotted on Gazette patch

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Screen beauty Angelina Jolie has been filming her latest movie at a historic beauty spot.

The Hollywood movie actress, who is rumoured to be marrying Brad Pitt in France this weekend, was at the Ashridge Estate on Wednesday.

She was there for the filming of Maleficent, which is due for release in 2014.

The film tells the story of the princess Maleficent, who is soon to inherit a forest kingdom where fairies live.

But when her father, the king, makes an alliance with the human king, she has to defend the kingdom.

Film crews will remain at the site near Ringshall until Tuesday, but Angelina was just there for the one day.

Lawrence Trowbridge, lead ranger for the Ashridge Estate, said the crews have been filming stunts involving medieval-looking soldiers.

He said: “The film-makers have to be very careful about where Angelina Jolie is.

“There was hardly any attention for her while she was here – which is not what we expected, that’s for sure.

“From what we heard, people had been spreading rumours, so we were amazed we did not see more people flocking in to see her.”

Other successful films that used Ashridge Estate for filming include Sleepy Hollow and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Mr Trowbridge said: “The estate is obviously a really beautiful area of countryside, so it attracts enquiries such as this from film makers and production companies.

“They like the picturesque elements we have got here, such as the veteran trees and landscapes.”

He said this was a key reason Maleficent’s film-makers chose to capture footage at the Ashridge Estate.

The money film-makers paid the National Trust, which owns the Estate, will be used for its ongoing conservation work there.