An enviable back catalogue

Chris Helme
Chris Helme

English singer-songwriter Chris Helme first rose to prominence as the front man of John Squire’s post-Stone Roses band The Seahorses.

Now solo, he is still rightfully remembered for Britpop classics Love Is The Law and Blinded By The Sun.

These classics were songs that evoked everything the Nineties stood for - the excitment, the culture and the bands that provided a voice in a period of political and social imbalance.

Helme is now well established as a solo performer with a wealth of songs to hand and a truly special and beguiling voice.

Add to this his keen ear for arranging and brooding string passages.

Helme has an enviable back catalogue, bolstered further by his acclaimed works with The Yards.

But it was The Rookery’s knack for melody and imaginative, intricate, three way guitar interplay that is remembered for lush, blossoming climaxes.

Uncut said of Helme’s music and performances: “Echoing the fragility of Gram Parsons, while flirting with the rustic side of Neil Young.”

Helme is now on tour to promote the release of his second solo album and plays at The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead at 8pm on Friday July 10.

Tickets cost £12, concessions £10, Dacorum Card £9, Upstaged £5.

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Tickets can be booked for Chris Helme’s gig online at the above website address.

Or phone 01442 228091 or call in person to The Old Town Hall in the High Street.

To book by phone or in person please do so betweenthe hours of noon and 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.