Affordable homes plan delayed after Little Gaddesden leaders split

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A PLAN to build 12 affordable homes has been blasted by two village leaders.

A land-owner has proposed to build the properties between St Peter and St Paul Church in Little Gaddesden and the rest of the houses in the village’s Church Road.

The proprietor asked for the support of Little Gaddesden Parish Council before developing the plan.

At a meeting on Monday, its vice-chairman David Brattle said: “I personally think that’s the most ridiculous place in the village to build houses.”

Chairman Douglas Adams said the plan could threaten “one of the most valuable parts of the village”.

But member Rob Irving said: “It seems to me if we turn it down, we are going to kill off any opportunity to ever have affordable housing here. What other place is there?”

Although the council has backed affordable homes for the village in the past, it voted to delay its decision on whether to back this plan.