Acupuncture for animals ‘like massaging your pet’

Sarah Priggen demonstrating acupuncture for animals.
Sarah Priggen demonstrating acupuncture for animals.

A VET has sung the praises of acupuncture as a method of treating animal ailments.

Sarah Priggen, who works at St John’s Veterinary Practice in Berkhamsted, began offering the treatment in her spare time about five years ago.

Sarah, 44, of the town’s Curtis Way, said: “The animals actually enjoy it. It’s like receiving a massage, because they are very, very fine needles and are not painful at all.”

Sarah claims acupuncture affects pets in the same way as people, where the needle pricks trigger the immune system to release pain-killing endorphins and natural opiates.

She says it can work better than traditional treatments – for instance, if a pet reacts badly to anti-inflammatory medication.

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