Console Corner: Let’s get it right, FIFA is king

I have read a lot of rubbish over the last few days about the new FIFA and I want to use this review as a platform to set a few things straight.

I have seen it get review scores as low as 7/10 which to me is simply ludicrous.

Lionel Messi looks better than ever in FIFA 15

Lionel Messi looks better than ever in FIFA 15

In some reviews people are moaning that alterations to the shooting dynamic make it too easy to score wonder goals.

Another review moans about it being too difficult to score and therefore not fun enough... Well it can’t be both can it? I have seen this before.

When a new console comes out, for the first year or so 
reviewers are particularly harsh on the games and tend not to score them too highly.

I see the logic, to give a game 10/10 leaves no room for improvement in future iterations – which will no doubt harness the console’s power better with each year.

But let’s be fair here. FIFA 15 is a 9/10 sports simulation.

It is the best sports game ever made, it has everything you could ever want. In fact I think it is the victim of its own success. It has been so good that only minor tweaks can be made to it each year when in the noughties we were used to seeing a swathe of changes and improvements to our sports sims on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Laughably I have even seen a reviewer say they much preferred the graphics on Pro Evo to FIFA. Time for a trip to Specsavers I think, they are not in the same league.

The most notable and noticeable changes in FIFA 15 are as I mentioned the shooting and passing dynamic, the new goalkeeper AI – which makes the keepers more realistic and makes for much improved matches – and the graphics (which are shown off in full during replays... stunning).

Online play is as good as ever with even more options available. There have reportedly been some server teething problems (aren’t there always?) but I played all weekend online on PS4 and had not one bit of lag or problems connecting. I played a few online season games, which I won but was not credited with the three points. But I remember the same thing happening last year and they were eventually awarded a few days later.

FIFA 15 is a 9/10 game, regardless how long your new console has been out. Football doesn’t get much better.