Comic Simon Evans dreams of the wilderness but got a dog instead

Simon Evans is bringing his show Leashed to Tring's Court Theatre.
Simon Evans is bringing his show Leashed to Tring's Court Theatre.

Star of Channel 4’s Stand Up For The Week and BBC1’s Live at the Appollo, Simon Evans is back on the road this autumn, following a run at London’s Soho Theatre with his critically acclaimed show Leashed.

Like most men of his age and delusion, Simon Evans dreams of striking out into the wild and slipping the surly bonds of suburbia.

He remembers, inaccurately, a youth spent drifting like a Home Counties Kerouac through the great European arterial transport thoroughfares, bonding if not with tribal herdsmen, then at least with truck drivers and the occasional foreign legionnaire deserter. Living on his wits (which is to say, thieving) coping Britishly with strange and confusing sexual advances, and waking up each day with the sunrise, no matter how carefully he attempted to construct some kind of rudimentary curtaining around his head before turning in for the night on some dismal piece of disregarded municipal verge or other.

He remembers, and he yearns.

So what does Simon do, in an effort to reconnect with the spontaneity of his former, unburdened self? He buys a dog - fool!

Come and hear what will be, at the very least, a useful corrective to the growing swell of earnest middle class ‘wilderness’ literature written by men who tramp off into the woods to spend the night in the root bole of a storm-toppled fir, as if that’s any kind of way for a grown up to behave.

Described as ‘Laugh out loud stuff’ by Guardian Guide, Evans, whose comedy series Simon Evans Goes to Market has just been re-commissioned by BBC Radio 4, will be sharing all at Tring’s Court Theatre, on Friday, October 17.

Tickets cost £16.

Visit or call 07543 560478.