UPDATE: Total of 282 people diagnosed with coronavirus in Hertfordshire

There have been 20 new cases in Hertfordshire today

As of today (Sunday) Hertfordshire has had a total of 282 diagnosed cases of the deadly virus.



The figures released from Public Health England show 20 new cases, but the true number of cases is thought to be far higher with many people not being tested.

Neighbouring Buckinghamshire has 128 cases and Luton has 63 cases.

There are 56 confirmed cases in Central Bedfordshire and Bedford has 32 diagnosed patients.

London still has had the fastest growing number of cases across the UK, with the highest numbers found in the boroughs of Lambeth (358), Southwark (365) and Brent (321).

Nationally, the number of coronavirus cases stands at 19,522. The number of deaths has been recorded as 1,228, rising by 209 - according to Public Health England.

The new figures were recorded between 5pm on Friday and 5pm Saturday.

On Monday, the government announced tougher social distancing measures, with all outdoor activities prohibited except for food shopping, one daily exercise, treatment of a condition and any essential travel for work.

On Thursday, Priti Patel said people who continue to flout coronavirus lockdown rules will be breaking the law and can be arrested.

Downing Street have said they would leave police to use their discretion when using new powers to enforce social distancing measures.

On Friday, the Metropolitan Police asked retired officers to consider returning to the beat amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Every household in the UK will be sent a letter from Boris Johnson next week warning them things will get worse before they get better.