Steiner School exclusive: What is happening now at the Rudolf Steiner school?

Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley
Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley

Although RSSKL closed 11 months ago, this was far from the end of the story.

Just weeks after it shut its doors, trustees announced plans to re-open a ‘new’ school on the same site on September 24, with the same staff, curriculum and students.

This would have been as part of a link-up with the Alpha Schools group which is based in High Wycombe.

However in late August, just weeks before students would have started at the school, that deal collapsed amid mutual recriminations.

The nursery element of the school lasted for a few months at the end of 2018, as a separate entity from the main school. In that time it received a highly critical Ofsted report, which gave it the lowest-possible rating of Inadequate.

Nonetheless bosses were still telling the Gazette in October that they had plans to re-open the entire school, as part of a Hindu schools trust called Avanti. Those plans appear to still be proceeding.

Avanti have not returned the Gazette’s calls since that time.

RSSKL declined to comment this week.

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