Change of plans for Chilfest after organisers have a drink rethink

The crowds at last year's Chilfest music concert in Tring

The crowds at last year's Chilfest music concert in Tring

Festival-goers attending this summer’s Chilfest will no longer be able to take their own alcohol after police and safety chiefs raised concerns.

Herts Constabulary and Dacorum Borough Council voiced their anxieties over excessive alcohol consumption and potential risks to public safety if revellers were allowed to ‘bring their own’ to the three-day event in Tring’s Pendley Meadow.

After taking their comments on board, organiser Steve Butcher tentatively made the new announcement on the event’s Facebook page – but was pleasantly surprised by the positive response.

He said: “I was quite nervous about how it would be perceived, but so far everyone’s been really supportive.”

The change of plan comes after Steve originally said that people could bring their own booze in a bid to avoid the backlash over the bar queues which cast a shadow after last summer’s inaugural event.

He said: “If we allowed people to bring in their own drinks, we would have to potentially increase our security, and that would reflect in the amount of money we give to charity.”

Despite the change of plan on the alcohol front, people are still able to bring their own food and soft drinks. There will be five separate drink stations spread out on the site to avoid congestion, compared to just two bars last year.

Steve said: “We are massively behind ensuring that those queues are kept to a minimum. We don’t want to make a mistake.”

Tickets for the highly-anticipated concert will officially go on sale on Tuesday, January 14, but those living in Tring and the surrounding area will be able to get a headstart as local retailers in the town begin selling tickets on Friday.

For a full list of retailers, visit the website here.

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