‘Who will fix our pothole-ridden road?’ say Berkhamsted parents

Daniel Trowbridge
Daniel Trowbridge

Two parents say their pothole-ridden road is a hazard.

Daniel and Clare Trowbridge say one of their neighbours in Belton Road, Berkhamsted, has back problems and struggles to walk up and down the lane. Clare, 30, was housebound for six weeks after giving birth to their son Nathaniel in January, as walking down the bumpy street would have been too painful. She had been told not to drive.

Daniel, 32, said: “The road is dangerous to walk down and is painful to drive down, which in turn is damaging cars.”

He blames Hightown Praetorian & Churches Housing Association, which looks after some homes in the street, for the problem.

But spokesman Emma Crump said: “Hightown does not own Belton Road and is not responsible for maintaining it.

“We have offered to work with local residents to agree a plan of action for the road, based on sharing the cost of works and future maintenance with the people who use it.”

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