Buggy banned from bus

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A MUM has hit out at a bus company after one of its drivers told her she could not get on board because she had a child in a push chair with her.

Katie Quaite, from Northchurch, says the driver of the Arriva 500 bus from High Street, Berkhamsted, was rude to her and husband Scott.

She said: “There was a big queue and we were at the end, and he just said, ‘You are not getting on with that,’ and pointed at the push chair.

“But my daughter was asleep. We were just really shocked.

“This is a local public service and I just felt really strongly that we ought to be allowed on that bus as much as anyone else.

“Never have I felt so upset and shaken to be refused passage on a service, which I as a taxpayer subsidise.”

She says the driver did not ask her to fold her buggy up before getting on, tell her when a mobility bus without stairs would arrive, or even say sorry.

Arriva spokesman Linsey Frostick said the bus company has carried out an investigation and wrote to Katie on Monday.

She told the HeraldExpress: “Unfortunately, some of our buses still have a stepped entrance and therefore buggies and pushchairs do need to be folded for the safety of the child and to ensure the aisle of the bus is kept clear for other customers.

“We would expect our drivers to convey this information politely. We apologise to Ms Quaite for any upset this matter caused.”