Police probe over missing cash at luxury spa

An investigation has been launched by police at luxury health spa to the stars Champneys following the disappearance of £10,000.

Herts Constabulary has been called in after money went missing at the upmarket Tring resort and national body Action Fraud has been informed.



A spokesman for the county’s police force Sarah Spence said: “Police are investigating allegations of fraud which are alleged to have occurred at Champneys between September 2013 and July 2014.

“The allegations involve a member of staff who is believed to have used credit card details fraudulently and made fraudulent transactions through petty cash.”

Spa owner Stephen Purdew, who recently featured in a one-off ITV documentary about the plush venue, said: “The police are now involved and I have left it in their capable hands.

“I’m sure the police will do something about it.”

He featured in the television show alongside general manager Lee Jones, who has now left the spa following an internal investigation.

“We investigated a few things,” said Mr Purdew.

“We asked him to leave and then he disappeared, but we know where he is.”

Mr Purdew said a new general manager was due to take up the post next week.

“We have got someone coming in next week to keep the ship steady,” he said.

The owner revealed bookings to stay at the countryside resort have increased since conflict among staff and housekeeping issues were exposed in the ITV documentary screened earlier this month.