Pet owners fall foul of Tring Facebook users

The people of Tring have hit back at dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets
The people of Tring have hit back at dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets
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An online campaign has branded Tring dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets as “disgusting” and “inconsiderate”.

Chris Rickarby and Jo Foxley took to Facebook’s Everything Tring page and started a thread to see if others felt the same after they found dog mess on the road every morning outside their home in Ash Road – and they got a strong response.

One user said: “I am so glad someone has raised this issue. It is beyond being a nuisance.”

Another said: “I wouldn’t dream of leaving my dog’s poop anywhere. Sometimes find it on our road and it’s revolting! Hope they impose a hefty fine! People like that give dog owners a bad name!”

Jo, who has since moved to Nathaniel Walk, Tring, said: “It’s just not nice. It’s such a simple thing, it’s about taking pride in your community. It’s especially bad on the playing field behind Goldfield School. Children play on there, they run around and roll around.

“It’s disgusting, they should be fined. But it’s not all dog owners, you can’t tar everyone with the same brush. There are people who are law abiding, and it probably annoys them too.

“If you’ve got a dog, clear up after it.”

Chris Troy, group manager of regulatory services at Dacorum Borough Council, said: “The council is not aware of a widespread issue relating to the two parks in Tring and in the last six months we have only received one complaint.

“There is no statutory obligation to clear dog waste, although the council may do depending on service priorities at the time.

“If we get complaints we will look into to them but, unless we have specific details about an irresponsible dog owner, it is often difficult for us to take the matter further.

“The council invests a great deal of time and resources promoting responsible dog ownership through various campaigns, advertisements, neighbourhood events, and where there are particular problems in an area we will do a letter drop.

“Last week Dacorum ran a number of events across the borough as part of the Animal Action Week which included information on dog waste prevention/control.

“Dog bins are placed in most parks and certain other strategic locations, along with signage, to encourage responsible disposal of dog waste.”