No school pool thanks to ‘inflexible’ government plans

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Supporters of a campaign to save the swimming pool at Kings Langley School have suffered another blow after it was confirmed that nothing can be done to stop its closure.

Headteacher Gary Lewis met with Hemel Hempstead MP Mike Penning last week, alongside school governors and local councillors, to discuss the closure of the pool, which will be knocked down when a brand new school is built on the site in around three years time.

The project is part of a central government Private Finance Initiative, which is set to deliver a cost-effective optimum school design across the country – but the blueprints do not include a swimming pool.

Despite Mr Penning separately lobbying colleagues in parliament, there was no movement on the issue.

Mr Lewis said: “I understand why the community feels so strongly about this, but we have done all we can, and the plans are totally inflexible.

“Our main focus is our 1,100 pupils, but of course we will continue to allow the community to use our new facilities.”