‘My wife has always looked beautiful to me’: Berkhamsted couple celebrate 65th wedding anniversary

Megan and Ken Peplow.
Megan and Ken Peplow.

The couple who have just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary say they have made their marriage work for such a long time by being ‘constant companions’.

Megan and Ken Peplow, both 85, celebrated their big day with their five children, 12 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren at Berkhamsted’s The Kings Arms on Sunday.

The pair met when they were 17 and delivering Christmas post around London as a part-time job.

Ken said: “My wife has always looked beautiful to me and it was spontaneous. We just liked each other and it continued from there.”

Three years later they got married. Aged 27, they and their three children moved to Trinidad and Tobago, where Ken worked as an engineer.

Then in 1962, they returned to the UK with five children and set up home in Millfield, Berkhamsted, where they have lived ever since.

Ken helped found Berkhamsted Lawn Tennis and Squash Rackets Club and was its first chairman.

Ken said: “We are constant companions – no matter what I have worked as. We are still very happily married and have a great family around us that always keeps us on the go.”

Ken puts the longevity of his marriage down to doing lots of things together with his wife, but admits it has not all been a breeze.

He said: “You do not quarrel, but you keep on arguing. No marriage should be a constant monotone. You go through problems together, but share those problems and keep on loving each other.

“If you get bored of each other, there’s no hope for the relationship.”