Thomas the cat is home three years after he vanished from Gadebridge

A family has been reunited with their beloved cat Thomas - three years after he went missing.

Russell and Julie Gibson, of Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead, had lost hoped of ever finding their missing moggy and thought he had perished after a search campaign came to a dead end, leaving their two children Amy, 10, and Emily, eight, devastated.

“At the time of him going missing this family went into a state of shock,” said animal lover Russell.

In their grief they even planted a memorial bush named Thomas’ rose.

So when a call came through last week to say Thomas was more than 150 miles away in Somerset the family were left stunned.

Russell said: “It is just amazing really. We are all in a state of shock but he is back to the old Thomas that we knew before he left.

“We are ecstatic, we still can’t believe he is here to be honest. We thought we had lost him forever.”

The Gibson family, who picked up Thomas last Wednesday, have been given very little information by the vet that checked Thomas for a microchip and realised that he did not belong to the people who had brought him in for treatment.

However, they do know that Thomas, who is now almost five years old, was taken in by a Hemel Hempstead family who then took him with them when they moved to Somerset around a year ago.

Russell has stressed the importance of people getting their pets microchipped, which usually costs between £20 and £30, and makes it easier to reunite lost animals with their owners.

“It has made me realise that it is such a small amount of money for peace of mind,” said Russell.




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