Parking authority slammed for not opening up long-stay spaces in Berkhamsted to short-stay visitors

Signing at St Johns Well Lane car park, Berkhamsted.

Signing at St Johns Well Lane car park, Berkhamsted.

A parking authority has been slammed for refusing to open up long-stay spaces to short-stay visitors in Berkhamsted.

More than 1,000 drivers a year are fined for accidentally parking in the wrong place at St John’s Well Lane car park, a recent meeting heard.

Berkhamsted Town Councillor Garrick Stevens said: “I find it absolutely outrageous that for administrative purposes we cannot make this change.” He said the car park is the only one in the area with separate long and short-stay spaces.

Dacorum Borough Council makes £1.9m a year in revenue from its parking charges, of which at least £334,000 is surplus, he added.

He said making long-stay spaces short-stay at weekends would cost £5,000 at most. But councillor Peter Matthews said the change would just make parking there even more confusing.

The committee said parking authority Dacorum Borough Council should explore how its signage at the site could be made clearer.




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