‘Fatality junction’ safety call as firefighters free trapped motorists in second of two road smashes in 24 hours

All of the photos above and below are of the smash on the Hemel Hempstead Road junction

All of the photos above and below are of the smash on the Hemel Hempstead Road junction


Two trapped people had to be cut free from their cars in the second of two road smashes since yesterday evening.

Firefighters rushed to Western Road, Tring, just after 9.10am this morning.

Two women were trapped in their cars by their injuries and crews cut them free and gave them first aid before they were taken to hospital by ambulance. Firefighters left the area just before 10.20am.

Last night, there was a smash at the junction of the fast, busy Hemel Hempstead Road (B487) and the road of the same name that leads into Redbourn.

Police and paramedics were called to the area in the height of rush hour – just after 6pm – to help the people who were involved in the collision.

Rosemary Scott, who was nearby at the time, said: “Just how long before there are any more fatalities?

“I think it’s time they did something about that junction. It really, really is a nasty corner.”

She said she regularly visits the area – and often hears the screeching of brakes from the nearby junction.

She said: “That was a nasty accident last night and somebody is going to get killed there – again. Someone died there in the past – flowers are left at the side of the road regularly.”

She heard the collision happen yesterday and rushed there with her friend to help out and divert traffic before the emergency services arrived.

Someone was taken away in an ambulance, but police on the scene reported that it was only for treatment of minor injuries.

Rosemary said some people use the Hemel Hempstead Road ‘like a racetrack’. She would rather go onto it via the nearby roundabout than risk using the junction where the smash happened.




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