Celebration for centenarian Lily, whose secret to a long life is vegetable water

Lily Howard turns 100

Lily Howard turns 100

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A special centenerian was honoured by members of her social club at her 100th birthday party this week.

Lily Howard, who turned 100 on May 10, celebrated the remarkable achievement with the rest of the Benedicts Club, who meet at Christopher Court in Bennetts End, Hemel Hempstead.

Lily Howard turns 100 PNL-140515-092755001
Lily Howard turns 100 PNL-140515-092755001

Lily grew up in Bourne End as one of nine children, and went on to become head cook at a Berkhamsted restaurant by the time she was 16. At 17, she married, and she and her late husband had three children – Harold, Pamela and Keith.

According to friends at the club, Lily’s secret to a long and happy life is to keep busy. She has never smoked or drunk alcohol, and swears by drinking the green water after boiling vegetables.

Even after a century on the planet Lily still cleans her own flat and cooks all her meals, and keeps busy knitting clothes for babies.

The club’s Marian Taylor said: “Lily has been coming to Benedicts Club since it first began and is always friendly and cheerful. She is a truly remarkable lady, and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that we are proud to have her as our friend.”


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