It’s all change for Hemel Hempstead’s bus services

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Changes to bus services across Hemel Hempstead will be introduced by Arriva next month.

The transport firm says the changes to services - coming into effect from July 28 - have been drawn up after research, customer feedback and the monitoring of the usage.

Under the plans the current route 1, 1A and 12 will be merged as Route 1 and will run every hour but the new service will cut out Turners Hill and Newfield Lane instead continuing along the full length of Windmill Road and Hobletts Road will also be cut out.

Arriva said this is due to the difficulty bus drivers are experiencing in serving all roads in Adeyfield because of parked cars, small roads and the need to use larger buses to meet standards.

But bus user Les Taber, of Newfield Lane, is disappointed that the service, which currently runs every 30 minutes will now be hourly. “It will inhibit people going to the local shops and also down town,” he said.

>The full list of changes (provided by Arriva):

Current route 1, 1A and 12 will be just Route 1:

This will run every hour Monday to Saturday at roughly the same times as today.

From North End Farm it will run past Bennetts Gate shops and down Leys Road to reach Riverside and Marlowes. From the town it will run up Midland Road towards Adeyfield, turning into Windmill Road but no longer runs along Turners Hill or Newfield Lane instead continuing along the full length of Windmill Road to Longlands then back onto the current route through Queen’s Square, Masons Road and Briery Way but no longer runs along Hobletts Road instead staying on Ellingham Road. Returns along Windmill Road to town centre.

Currently, we have a lot of difficulty serving all the roads in Adeyfield on every journey because of parked cars, small roads and the need to use larger buses that meet DDA standards. Our revised route runs along as much of the old 1, 1A and 12 routes as possible.

The new service is on a simple hourly timetable, offers a regular bus service for North End Farm and a more direct route to town.

New Route 2:

Routes 2, 3, 4 and 5 will run as simpler routes the same way all of the time. They will also be split in the town centre.

The new route 2 will serve Woodhall Farm. The service will run along its present route to Bellgate shops where it will the run fast to the town using Catsdell. Bennetts Gate will also be served by route 2. From Bennetts Gate shops, it will always run down Barnacres Road through Nash Mills to the town.

From Woodhall Farm it runs along its normal route including Aycliffe Drive shops until it reaches Bellgate shops. From here it runs down Catsdell and Queensway to Marlowes. This means it doesn’t run through Smithfield. (See route 4 for Smithfield). From Marlowes, the route runs straight through the town to Riverside and continues on Lawn Lane, Belswains Lane and Barnacres Road as the current 5 to Bennetts Gate shops.

From Bennetts Gate shops it runs down Barnacres Road as the current 4 to the town centre. Passing through Riverside and Marlowes it then goes back to Woodhall Farm the same way using Queensway and Catsdell.

We’ve made this route as simple as possible, keeping just one route number. The route runs every day of the week and late into the evenings, at the request of customers. At peak times, alternate journeys from Woodhall Farm run to the rail station. Also in the evening peak alternate journeys run back from the rail station. The service will continue to operate up to every 20 minutes. The service will have a simple timetable with buses running every 10 minute, offer a more direct route to town, better access to the rail station at peak times, more frequent buses for Bennetts Gate.

Route 3:

Routes 2, 3, 4 and 5 will run as simpler routes the same way all of the time. They will also be split in the town centre. Route 3 will continue to serve Gadebridge, Warners End and Long Chaulden This will run along a revised circular route to and from the town centre. Route 3 will no longer crosses the town except when extending to the rail station.

From the rail station this runs along Station Road to Riverside and Marlowes, taking the 2 route through Gadebridge to Warners End turning circle. It then runs down Boxted Road to Stoneycroft shops, but now goes straight down Northridge Way and loops back up Long Chaulden as current route 3.

Route 3 follows the current route 3 from Long Chaulden via Warners End and Gadebridge back to the town centre, then along Marlowes and Riverside to the rail station.

The biggest change is that this route goes in and out from the town centre through Gadebridge and Warners End before doing a loop of Long Chaulden. This means there is no longer a service on the lower part of Northridge way or Fishery Road.

The new simple route is designed to offer a higher frequency in each direction and run late into the evening. It serves more of the Chaulden area and all points in the town centre, the frequency also improves.

Route 4:

Routes 2, 3, 4 and 5 will run as simpler routes the same way all of the time. They will also be split in the town centre. Route 4 will continue to serve Grovehill West . This will run along a revised route through Smithfield to and from the town centre. Route 4 also continues to the rail station.

From Grovehill West, this route runs along it’s normal route including St. Agnells Lane and Jupiter Drive to Bellgate shops. Here, it will instead run along the old 2 and 3 route through Smithfield to town. In town it runs along Marlowes and Riverside to the rail station.

From the rail station, route 4 runs back the same way through Riverside, Marlowes, Smithfield and Jupiter Drive to Grovehill West.

Route 4 no longer serves Bennetts Gate, which is served by Route 2

All journeys will be numbered route 4 as they will always go the same way. The number 5 is not used in the new network. There are additional evening journeys, supported by HCC, more journeys to the station and a better frequency with buses up to every 20 minutes.

Route 320…

Route 320 will have minor changes. We’re putting an extra bus into help improve time keeping.

Between Watford and Rickmansworth, routes have also been simplified. Routes 322, 323 and 324 have been replaced by just route 324. This will serve Maple Cross, 320 will continue to serve Berry Lane. Overall there will be a bus every 15 minutes between Rickmansworth and Watford. All buses will run past Watford General Hospital.

Route 500:

Route 500 will have minor changes. The short journeys from Hemel to Watford will run in between the longer journeys from Aylesbury. This means that Hemel - Apsley - Kings Langley - Watford now has a bus every 15 minutes.

The route in Watford will also be simplified, running along Hempstead Road all day.

Route 500 no longer serves Cassiobury Drive. Instead a new dedicated route W12 will run to and from Watford.

We’re also introducing a few additional early and late journeys following requests from our customers.

Route 550…

Route 550 will no longer be run by Arriva. We’re very sorry but we’ve been making substantial losses on this route for a number of years due to very low usage, HCC are supporting a 322 service to ensure a bus service remains.

Green Line:

Green Line 748 and 758 will have minor alterations across the timetable. Overall a much simpler hourly timetable is introduced including additional journeys on most days. We’ve removed the need for lots of different service numbers, however the estate trips will still run with route number 759.

Better ticketing will be introduced across the network to enable easier transfers to and from London. The 769 will no longer run, but there are regular route 3 journeys which connect at the town centre.

Big reductions in cost of travel:

RouteRider - 1 Week - £10

RouteRider - 10 Trip – £10

HemelRider - 1 Week - £15

HemelRider - 10 Trip - £15

RouteRider is valid anywhere on the route it was purchased. They can be bought on routes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

HemelRider can be purchased and used on any Arriva bus in the Hemel Hempstead zone.