Hemel’s message to health bosses: ‘Bring back our A&E’

Hemel Hempstead Hospital buildings. Marnham Wing . PNL-161101-172234009
Hemel Hempstead Hospital buildings. Marnham Wing . PNL-161101-172234009
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It will soon be seven years since Hemel Hempstead lost its A&E department.

And this past week has been the final straw for many, as Watford Hospital told patients on THREE separate periods not to attend A&E unless their condition was urgent.

Hospital campaign cut-out

Hospital campaign cut-out

That is why the Gazette is calling on our readers to join our cry this week – it is time that A&E services were returned to Hemel Hempstead.

Hemel still has a hospital. Hemel still has the site and the facilities where these services can be provided. And Watford Hospital clearly is not able to cope.

So fill in the attached form and send it to The Hemel Hempstead Gazette, The Gatehouse, Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury.

We are also waiting for the UK Government and Parliament petition team to greenlight our online petition, and will be posting it online as soon as they do.

Only together can we force our health bosses to re-think a policy that simply has not worked, and get A&E back to Hemel.