Have a good read and help Africans in need

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A ‘BOOKFEST’ is being held at a town charity shop to help the Third World.

First editions by Angela Brazil and Raymond Briggs, and of vintage Ladybird books Meet the Garden Gang and The Tinker’s Wig are on sale there.

The Oxfam Book and Music shop in Berkhamsted High Street is selling collectable children’s books - such as the Enid Blyton favourites. Poetry collections, including the rare Concrete poetry by Ernst Jandl from 1965, are also on sale during the book festival - which runs until Sunday.

Berkhamsted’s Oxfam manager Jane Hockings said: “The sale of just two books in an Oxfam shop is enough to pay for one day’s home-based care for a person living with HIV or AIDS in South Africa.

“The sale of three books could provide ten days’ worth of basic food rations for a family in an emergency situation.”

For more information on the nationwide Bookfest, visit www.oxfam.org.uk/bookfest.