School’s out for summer - but no booze!

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POLICE have warned of an increase in underage drinking and drug use - but they say it won’t be tolerated.

Town sergeant Peter Huffer said the two crimes often rise in summer, especially when children are on their school holidays. That’s because people spend more time outside.

Cops will step up patrols of under-18 boozing hotspots, like the skate park in Canal Fields, Berkhamsted.

With underage drinking, police call parents and make them collect their child from the station.

They also remove alcohol from all people caught drinking in public, unlicensed areas.

Sgt Huffer urged parents to be “responsible and vigilant,” saying: “It may be parents think [their children] are just going out with a few cans of beer.

“But both the police and ambulance service regularly see the other side of under age drinking where the youth may become drunk or injured and need hospital care.”

He also warned young people against using cannabis, saying they should ask themselves, “Is it worth getting a criminal record for?”

He added: “It may be considered a soft drug, but it is against the law to possess, use or supply it.”

If you have information about drug offenders, phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.