Be on guard for ‘spiking’ danger

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Revellers are being urged to protect themselves from becoming victims of spiked drinks after an alleged drugging incident left a girl seriously ill in hospital.

Two girls had been on a night out in Berkhamsted town centre on Friday when it is suspected both their drinks may have been spiked with an unknown substance.

One girl was admitted to Stoke Mandeville Hospital where she is thought to have been treated for severe hypothermia. The other was less seriously ill.

Police spokesman Olivia Finucane said: “We are investigating allegations of drinks being spiked in Berkhamsted on Friday.

“We are conducting a full investigation. It would be inappropriate for us to comment any further at this time.”

The girl became ill while she was in The George pub on Berkhamsted High Street.

Licensee Mark Wheway is adamant no drinks were spiked in his pub. He said: “We had an unfortunate incident where a girl became very sick after being in The George for about 15 or 20 minutes.

“We man our doors very well and we have never had an accusation of spiking before. Anybody that would ever consider doing that would not be allowed in my pub.

“I feel awful for the girl and obviously for her parents as well. If it happened to my daughter I would be up in arms, but we do make sure that the people in my pub are well looked after.”

Police guidelines for young people on a night out include refusing to accept drinks from strangers and avoiding swapping or sharing drinks with anyone. Most importantly, know your limits and drink sensibly so you know when something is wrong.

If you have any information about Friday’s incident, call police on 101.