Caring company is the right Choice for cabs this Christmas

Berkhamsted Station
Berkhamsted Station

A taxi firm is fronting a campaign to encourage party-goers to get home safely this Christmas.

Choice Taxis, based at Berkhamsted railway station, is putting on more cabs to meet demand over the festive period and there will be a staff member to meet revellers off of every train that comes into Berkhamsted.

Credit and debit card facilities will be available in each cab so that those without cash can still make it home, and free smartphone apps enables passengers to book taxis via wi-fi without the need for a phone signal.

Manager Derek Gowlett said: “Christmas is definitely time for a bit of fun, but at Choice we also want to help you get home safely after a night out.

“Don’t let a loved one walk home in the dark or drive after having a drink. With more taxis available over the festive period and credit card facilities in every cab, our message is: Get home safe and take a taxi.

“We hope all our customers have a merry and safe Christmas.”