Can we fix it? Yes, we can! Repair Shed scheme launches

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A range of fix-it challenges have been presented to volunteer repairers from a new social enterprise.

The Repair Shed service was launched at the Sunnyside Rural Trust Hemel Food Garden, off Two Waters Way, last weekend.

meThe scheme’s co-ordinator Chris Lee said none of the items brought along were considered to be beyond repair, and the two which could not be mended on the day were singposted to the right place.

Ann Woolner from Hemel Hempstead had brought a record player with a turntable that wouldn’t turn. The problem – a perished drive belt – was quickly identified and Ann left knowing where to find a replacement belt.

She said: “The people from The Repair Shed were very helpful and enthusiastic. Getting the turntable working again will be very cheap, but it could have cost a lot just to find out whether it was worth mending.”

The day was the first of what the volunteers hope will be a quarterly event.

For more information and advice on repair and re-use from the Repair Shed, click here.




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