Green light for compromise deal on future shape of Maylands

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Businesses and the council have reached a compromise over future developments to be allowed in a giant business park.

Firms on Maylands Business Park, in Hemel Hempstead, are keen to stop the area from being filled up by huge warehouses which employ a handful of people.

The problem is that warehousing and distribution is at the moment the healthiest part of the commercial property market.

So a compromise has been reached and was due to be ratified by Dacorum Borough Council’s Cabinet last night, Tuesday.

Andy Cook, chairman of Maylands Partnership, said: “The compromise reached and reflected in the development brief is to ensure high quality frontage to any warehouse buildings along with options to provide higher numbers of parking.

“Hopefully this approach will help maintain Maylands as a flexible business park for the future.” He added businesses are pleased with what the council has been doing and are “supportive of the Maylands Development Brief and hope it does get fully adopteds.”

The council has had to revise development hopes for the Maylands Gateway part of the park because a drop in commercial property rents means no-one wants to invest in building high quality offices. There is no need for more hotels but residential housing remains on the cards as part of the mix.